142 Protected houses in Monterrey plot in Laredo
Project management:
Execution period:
UTE Monterrey (Urcasol-Balzola)
10,232,569.96 €   
M. Solana Gómez-F. Nieto Díaz de Yela-Ricardo Fernández Martínez-Martín Solana Rico
December 2005 - July 2007
Laredo, (Cantabria)


The construction of 142 Private Development Homes under Autonomous Regime for UTE Monterrey (Urcasol-Balzola) which won the tender for a plot owned by Laredo Council, where amongst other aspects value was given to the quality of the project and its originality, and the layout of the homes and their finishing.

This was two buildings, the first for the homes and the other for exclusively commercial use. The building for the homes has a ground floor for commercial use, 4 floors and a recessed attic floor. All of the roves are flat with the particular features that it is the first housing building in Cantabria to have photovoltaic solar panels to produce electricity directly for the network, thereby providing income for the owners association.

It has a 4500 m2 basement for garages and 5 floors which are divided into 6 stairwells.

The facade is white and red open brick with PBT two-colour aluminium carpentry and with a tilt and turn system. The homes are divided with large brick covered by sprayed plaster and smooth paint, with laminated oak covered floors. A lot of attention was paid to the level of the finishing with included the kitchen furniture. As regards the installations there is individual heating with mixed boilers, aluminium radiators and multilayer hot and cold water distribution pipes, complete telecommunications installation with sockets in all of the rooms and kitchen and parabolic aerial installation and electrical installation according to REBT.

The urban development has a children’s play area, a "montañesa" bowling area and a padel tennis court, as well as green areas and a landscaped pergola.
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