16 Homes Sa Teulera
Dirección de obra:
Periodo de ejecución:
Promotora Reina
€ 4,225,000 
Enrique Gambón and Martin Lucena 
November 2015 - May 2017
Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Islands)


This is a set of 16 houses with garden and swimming pool on a plot of 5,665 m2, with housing units with 3 and 4 bedrooms, with the housing arranged in two rows situated lengthwise forming 4 groups of four units each and a common area between the two rows. The houses have an entry patio and a back yard that leads to the community garden. All of them have two parking spaces and direct independent access from the street. The total built-up area is: 2,832.58 m2, 1,739.46 on ground floor and 1,039.12 on the first floor.

The foundations of the buildings that form the 16 homes is done through continuous footings in order to support the pillars and the perimeter walls that support the slab.

The structural elements used are Italian load bearing block 25 cm thick, and type H concrete block with the same thickness, filled with concrete and reinforced to support the slab. The rest of the structure is done with pillars and reinforced concrete beams. The slabs are conventional with concrete beams, vault concrete and compression layer.

The facades and enclosures are with ceramic Blocks with water-repellent and the partition is of ceramic brick finished with plaster.

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