Mar building
Works Management:
Execution period:
Ses Roques Port, S.L.
€ 1,752,207
Nuria Jauma and Jose María Arenas
October 2016 - May 2018
Under execution
Ibiza, (Balearic Islands)


The projected building corresponds to the multi-family housing typology between medians, composed of five floors over ground and a basement for parking.

There are two models of housing per floor. The properties consist of living room dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a toilet.

The floor layout takes into account that it is a corner building, the location of the communication nuclei and the programme of requirements required by the developer. Based on these assumptions, a floor distribution has been planned with the minimum of residual spaces, acting on the vertical communication nucleus as a space organisation element.

The programme requirements received from the owner for the drafting of this project includes parking spaces in the basement, ground floor commercial premises and homes on the upper floors.

The characteristic use of the building is residential in the upper floors, commercial use on the ground floor and parking area in the basement.

Due to the level difference between the Calle del Mar and the promenade, it is planned to separate the premises into two heights leaving open the possibility of a mezzanine.

This project has been conditioned by the impossibility of overhanging balconies on its main facade, with views of the sea and the port, and as such the terraces have been deducted from the closed area.

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