Building for the new Headquarter of Bilbao Port Authority
Project management:
Execution period:
Bilbao Port Authority
24,198,140 €   
Ramón Losada Rodríguez (B.A.I. Consultores, S.L.)
July 2006 - January 2009  
Santurce, (Vizcaya)


The purpose of the work is the construction of the building to house the New Headquarters of the Bilbao Port Authority in Santurce (Bizkaia), and the building’s surrounding urban development, which is located within the Santurce port installations, on land reclaimed from the sea.

It is an office building developed on 14 levels, including the roof, with a standard floor of 28.90 m x 23.80 m. It is therefore an element conceived in height, inside which empty-full spaces combine and can be seen from the outside due to its glass façade.

Level 0 houses a covered garage with 150 parking places.

Level 1 covers all of the area of level 0 and in its central area coincides with the nucleus of the tower.

Level 2 has a central area which coincides with the nucleus of the tower and another area which has the passable roof area.

Level 3 and beyond house the office requirements of the Port Authority, with common elements and for external use, like the Conference Room with capacity for 125 persons and a staggered layout which means that it also occupies level 4. It also has a meeting room, library and two areas for simultaneous translation to service the conference room.

From level 5 to level 12 are for the rest of the premises necessary for the performance of the port management activity, designed as open plan floors.

Level 13 is entirely reserved for the building’s external installations.
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