Arla Sector Urban Development
Project management:
Execution period:
Viviendas de Vizcaya
3,591,847,00 €
G y C, Ingenor
February 2014 – December 2014
Balmaseda, Vizcaya


The construction of the URBAN DEVELOPMENT to house the new installations of the Fabio Murga plant in the Town of Balmaseda. The execution of this urban development also includes an access roundabout from the provincial road to the Provincial Council of Bizkaia scale.

The performance of this project also requires careful working conditions in order to respect the multiple environmental conditioning factors (respecting the breeding season of the European mink in a large stretch of the work, Basque Water Department, and Hunting and Fishing) which limit and restrict the execution of the work.

The construction is planned of 12 walls and the construction of a bridge between a car park at the end of the urban development with the plot for the factory.

Most relevant aspects of the work

For the execution of the different plots in the urban development earth embankments were built (about 40,000 ,3), which were supported by 3 rockfill walls which at places reach 5 meters high.

Buttresses also need to be built using CUCHARA – SPOON (about 800 m2 of buttress wall) to support part of the land and for the pilot walls of about 100 m long to support the access road to KOLITZA mountain.

A 16 meter long bridge will be built between the planned car park for the urban development.
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