Diversion of San Martin brook
Project management:
Execution period:
Bizkaia Provincial Council (DFB)
4,371,035  €
Pablo Gonzalo Heras (DFB)
December 2003 - August 2005


The project involved laying pipework jacked by ramming, with an internal diameter of 2,500 mm., and doing work to direct excess flow into the current bed of San Martín Brook, immediately before channelling it into a gallery in its course through the town centre.

This diversion included the execution of the following:

  • A channel 70m. long, with a variable width of between 4 and 2.5 m.
  • 627 m. long, Ø 2500 mm. pipe jacking.

The stretch comprising the channel has two annexed works:

  • A structure to take out floating material such as parts of trees, approximately 35.43 m. long.
  • A relief (overflow) structure approximately 13.78 m.

The 2.500 mm. - diameter pipe, executed by jacking, empties directly into the sea in an area where there are cliffs. In order to withdraw the drilling shield, a platform and a purpose - built access road were created.

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