Engineering works on line II of Bilbao Metropolitan railway
Project management:
Execution period:
Basque Government
60,229,387.98 €
Euskal Trenbide Sarea
November 2005 - October 2009


The section which the Project concerns starts at KP (kilometre point) 2+580 of the line, from the end of the section comprising the Construction Project of Line 2 of the railway: Sestao-Portugalete. The total lenght of track laid was 1,699 metres, finishing in 350 metres of gallery where the sidings used as a temporary tram depot are located. It is a drilled tunnel for straight and curved double track, with an approximate excavation cross-section of 62 m2.

The mostsignificant points of the track laid, which feature special kinds of work and elements characteristic of the section, are as follows:

  • At KP's (kilometre points) 2+905.43 and 3+091.39 are the emergency ventilation galleries of Peñota Station, located between KP 2+941.69 and KP 3+047.29. The access vents just out proud of the masonry, one on the corner of Libertador Simón Bolívar and Almirante Días de la Pimienta streets, and the other in the shopping arcades in the building situated on the corner of Libertador Simón Bolívar street and Peñota Avenue. Opposite the latter building is the ventilation output grille beneath the station platforms. The remaining access vent, belonging to the lifts, justs out in San Juan Bautista Street.
  • At KP's 3+999.76 and 4+150.28 are the emergency ventilation galleries of Santurtzi Station, located between KP's 4+021.68 and KP 4+130.68. The access vents just out into Maestro Calles and Las Viñas streets. In the shaft of this vent is located a lift for the disabled.
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