Escalator-Lift for public use between Prim street an Santutxu underground station
Project management:
Execution period:
Bilbao City Council
1,759,593  €
Ayuntamiento de Bilbao
January 2003 - December 2003


The system installed consists of two 36 m.- long lines of escalator-lifts, the height difference from bottom to top being 20 m. They have capacity for 1,400 persons per hour.

Both the lift cabins and the canopies installed at either stop combine glass panels with stainless steel doors and structures. Video surveillance cameras were installed in the cabins, along with direct voice access to a central control room. The works were completed by the following:

  • Town planning work on Begoña-Axpi Square: paving, urban furniture, and creating garden features and a children's playground.
  • Pedestrianization of José Miguel Barandiarán Ayerbe Street.
  • Town planning work on the open space between José Miguel Barandiarán Ayerbe and Mazustegui streets. The area ha been upgraded and integrated into the rest of the work executed, thus generating a space for citizens' use in an area that was formerly run down.
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