Improving the Villena Rey Bridge
Works Management:
Periodo de ejecución:
Municipality of Miraflores
22,385,630.76 Soles
ACCIONA Ingeniería S.A. Branch in Perú
November 2014 - March 2016
Miraflores, Lima (Perú)


On 22 March 2016 the project was inaugurated for Improving the Villena Rey Bridge located in the District of Miraflores in the Republic of Peru, within a process of international competitive bidding, which has been entrusted to the Consortio Villena Consortium made up of the following companies:

Construcciones y Promociones Balzola Sucursal del Perú (40%) Corporación Mayo, S.A. (35%)

Constructora Duran, S.A. (25%)

The Mellizo Bridge has a length of 114.00 meters and 11.70 metres wide, 2 lanes of 3.50 meters in the same direction, a bike lane 1.80 meters wide and a sidewalk of 2.50 metres wide, executed through the application of the successive cars system in the central part.

The configuration of the Mellizo Bridge is composed of a framed structure made up of a Central Arc and inclined Cable Plates, which come from a solid foundations located in each abutments and a depth of 21.00 metres of natural land.

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