Kadagua Interceptor Lower section
Project management:
Execution period:
Consorcio de Aguas Bilbao Bizkaia (CABB)
10,362,280 €   
Ramón Cortina Garaigorta (CABB)
June 2004 - March 2006  
Barakaldo, Bilbao,  Alonsótegui, (Vizcaya)


The Kadagua interceptor, lower section, is a part of the infrastructures of the Integral Sanitation Plan for the Greater Bilbao district. It conducts wastewater generated in the urban and industrial areas of the municipalities of Bilbao, Barakaldo and Alonsótegui, located in the upstream stretch of river Kadagua, which were formerly dumped directly into the river until this section of the interceptor came into operation, to the wastewater treatment station of Galindo.

This infrastructure is designed to transport an average of 37.61 l/s (2,590 m3/day) and a peak flow of 59.85 l/s and thus 31 dumping points into the river are eliminated.

Channelling work
The interceptor or main drain of the section, located on the left-hand bank of the river, has a total length of 3,294 metres, of which 2,550 metres are gravity propelled and 744 metres are pumped, with pipes of diameters from 700 mm. to 1,200 mm.
In addition, incorporations to the main drain amounting to a total length of 1,500 metres and diameters from 250 mm. to 1,200 mm.

The building systems used were:
• Microtunel in rock for Ø1200 mm. with driven reinforced concrete pipes.
• Trench for Ø700, Ø800 and Ø280 mm.
• Pressed metal pipe jack with corkscrew for Ø800 and Ø1000 mm.
• Ø250 mm perforation to cross river Kadagua.

Pumping stations
There are three pumping stations, two of which (la Iglesia and Mure) with four pump groups each, are located in line with the interceptor and their job is to regulate the flow.

The third station, located in  junction, collects the water from an industrial estate on the right/hand bank of the river and transports it to the general interceptor. It has two pumping assemblies.

The system has 67 reinforced concrete manholes made on-site, of which six are inside the working and reception shafts necessary for making the pipe jacking.

Tele-control system
For the hydraulic operation of the system, the following has been installed:
• Capacitive probes in each of the suction chambers of the pumps.
• Electromagnetic flow meters in each outlet branch.
• Electric and control panels in the pumping stations with programmable logic controller (PLC).
• Communications and tele-control system for the Central Control of the Galindo wastewater treatment plant via individual ADSL connections.
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