La Argañeda regulating basin in Karranza municipality
Project management:
Execution period:
Bizkaia Provincial Council, (DFB)
5,534,205.25 €
Pedro Zubia Arratibel (DFB)
October 2007 - September 2009


The work consisted of constructing a regulating basin to store a volume of 107,372 m3 of water captured in periods of rainfall, and in periods when reservoir water levels are low, to return it via the existing supply system to La Argañeda Dam and thence to La Pedraja Potable Water Treatment Station.

It included the incoming, outgoing, spillway and drainage pipelines, along with the perimeter road and the gallery that houses the bottom intakes and drain; upgrading of the access road and the forest track of La Argañeda Brook; and construction of the new rainwater capture plant and the pipelines that conduct the water from the point of capture to the basin.

For this purpose we excavated 148,252 m3 most of which, since the basin is located half way up a hillside, was used to form the trapezoid-sectioned water wall that makes up the basin.

To set the water wall in place we were required to execute 1,500 linear metres of piles and 3,110 linear metres of permanent anchors with 9 strand tendons stressed to 400 kN.

The basin was waterproofed with puncture-proof geotextile sheeting supported directly on the surface of the slope, and on top of it was laid a 2 mm. thick film of high-density polyethylene.

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