New regulating tank in Kurkudi
Project management:
Execution period:
Consorcio de aguas Bilbao Bizkaia (CABB)
4,428,441 €
Consorcio de Aguas (Carlos García Marcos)
March 2009 - June 2011


The Project comprises the construction of a semi-buried tank with a storage capacity of some 20,000 m3 of potable water separated into 2 compartments done in reinforced concrete.

The water level height is 6.5 metres.

For the functioning of said tank the existing valve room will be extended and fitted with new mechanisms (flow meters, water level control valves, pressure-reducing valves, emergency pumps...), which will be run by a new remote controller that will be installed in the extension to said valve room.

In addition, we shall install a new transformer centre, which will be on a new electricity supply, included in the plans.

To drain said tank we shall lay a 1,000 metre run of polyethylene pipe parallel to the existing one, maintaining the same wayleave.

Volume excavated: 55,000 m3

Volume of embankment work: 15,000 m3

Volume of concrete: 4,500 m3

Reinforcing steel: 400,000 kg.

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