Reconstruction of the Lazunarri-Lekeitio Boardwalk
Works Management:
Execution period:
Department for the Environment and Land Policy of the Basque
€ 930,899.24
Saioa Rezabal Arocena (ICCP)
December 2014 - June 2015
Lekeitio (Biscay)


The work stems from the need to reconstruct the Lazunarri Boardwalk in Lekeitio.

The works consisted in rebuilding the boardwalk to provide a stable and effective barrier against sand from the area of the mouth of the River Lea to the area of the port of Lekeitio, thereby contributing towards a smooth development of its port activity.

As work prior to the reconstruction of the boardwalk it was necessary to carry out a series of demolitions in different sections of the boardwalk. Following the demolition, the digging started of the sand, breakwater and loose rocks on both sides of the boardwalk, having considered a slope of 4H: IV.

Two different action situations have been planned in the reconstruction of the boardwalk depending on the state of conservation of the current structure. On the one hand, the existing section of the structure has been properly supplemented to provide it with dimensions, geometries and finishes that comply with the item requirements, in cases where permitted given the state of conservation of the current structure. On the other hand, an entirely new structure has been generated in the cases in which the current structure has disappeared, or its poor state of conservation recommend its total demolition and removal. The new boardwalk will have a width of 4.10 m along 245 m.

The reconstruction of the existing boardwalk has been done completing damaged or degraded sections using reinforced concrete properly anchored to the existing structure using corrugated steel bars, in order to achieve a monolithic section that guarantees its stability and durability over time.

So, mesh has been arranged along all the free walls of the new section of corrugated steel of 150 x 150 x 12 mm, leaving a nominal coating of 50 mm. In turn, 32 mm bars properly anchored using epoxy resins or injected with cement slurry into the current structure.

Both elements will be linked through welding, first to the concrete, to ensure the monolithic nature of the new section built. In each of the side walls an anchored bar anchored of 32 mm diameter has been arranged per metre of length of boardwalk, while in the upper wall they will be placed in a grid of 2.00 x 2.00 square metres. With regard to the completely new sections of boardwalk, mesh is planned just like in the rebuilt sections, except that in this case is not necessary to provide the anchorage bars.

It should be noted that the sections, in both cases described, have been topped in the corner with rectangles of black stone from Markina with a rectangular section of 0.30 m and 0.30 m in height, with a tapered edge and bushhammered upper face, in pieces 0.60 m long, which are properly anchored in the concrete using corrugated steel pins of 20 mm diameter.

The top of the work ends using rectangles on each side of the boardwalk that will, in turn, be used for the formwork for the upper concrete slab. The finish of the upper slab to avoid, to the extent possible, slips will be out with transverse cracks in the concrete.

The foundations of the structure has been solved with a protection breakwater mantle. The protection mantle on both sides of the new structure has been sized with a breakwater weight of 500 to 1,000 kg in two layers with a mantle thickness of 0.85 m.

Once completed the placing of the breakwater protection mantles will again move the sand in order to be placed in its original position.

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