Renovation of the sewage network and a new treatment plant, of the surface filter type, in the town of Mendoza
Project management:
Execution period:
1,557,472.35 €
Carlos Dorronsoro, L.K.S Ingenieria, S. Coop.
November 2013 - May 2015
Municipality of Mendoza, Álava


The construction of a new sewage network with separation for faecal water and rain water, in order to renovate the current sewage network, which has problems with blocks and smells, whose faecal water waste goes to three independent septic tanks in a precarious state.

The new faecal network will finally go to a pumping station next to Laza river and from there the water, after being ground and crushed will be pumped through the municipality to a treatment plant to the west. The treatment plant will do the primary and secondary treatment before sending this water to the rainwater network.

Characteristics of the networks, pumping station and treatment plant:
Rainwater: The network has a length of approximately 2500 meters, with tubes of 315.400 and 500 mm in diameter, with slopes of between 0.5% and 12%. The entire stretch runs through an urban area with dumping points in the north drainage ditch and Laza river.

Faecal: The network has a length of 2700 m. With PVC 315 and 400 mm diameter pipes, with slopes of between 0.5% and 12%, mostly going through the urban area and a small part through farming area and sending all of the network to the Pumping Station.

Pumping Station: This is a reinforced concrete structure with different compartments housing the automatic sieve before passing to the pump and another compartment for the 5.5 l/second pumps, with alternative and emergency functions.

Impulsion: The impulsion has two 125 mm diameter polyethylene tubes and is 1200 meters long, for the purpose of sending the water from the pumping station to the treatment plant, all running through the urban stretch.

Treatment Plant: The treatment plant has two treatment areas, the first is a septic pit (pre-treatment or primary) and the second for horizontal floor treatment, where the water circulates granular matter, sieves and roots of the plants to achieve the planned treatment.
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