Ibarrekolanda link and connection with the lower Deusto by-pass
Project management:
Execution period:
Bideak-Bizkaiko Bideak, S.A.
33,005,000 €
José Luis Ruiz - County Council of Bizkaia
January 2000 - June 2003
Bilbao, (Vizcaya)


The work consisted of the widening of the Enekuri slope (BI-3704) and the construction of a large roundabout at the end, which organises traffic to Deusto Bridge and to the quarters of Deusto and San Ignacio.

Access to the Deusto quarter is by means of a braced structure over the aforementioned roundabout. Access to Deusto Bridge is by means of a false tunnel 450 m long that begins from this roundabout until Morgan Street. Over the false tunnel are the Intersections with Lehendakari Aguirre Street and Madariaga Avenue.

It is 1.5 Km long in the main trunk and 7.1 Km in main routes branches and bypasses. The main actions were: a viaduct with two spans, 124 metres long, a false tunnel 450 m long and with a section of  225 m2 and 24 walls.
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