SS Parcel 4-3 Zaisa III industrial estate Irun municipality
Project managament:
Execution period:
Repsol Comercial de Productos Petrolíferos,
1,271,267.22 €
Retailgas (Victor Arlegui)
May 2006 - January 2007
Irún, Guipuzcoa


The Service Station has been designed to be a suitable size to serve the refuelling needs of vehicles travelling around Zaisa III Instrustrial Estate.

The site where the Service Station has been built has an area of 6,252 m2.

The Service Station serves the following products:

  • e + diesel (diesel A).
  • e + 10 diesel (diesel A).
  • Efitec SP-95 (lead-free petrol 95).
  • Efitec SP-98 (lead-free petrol 98).

The Station is run on a self-service basis.

It has the following services:

  • An auxiliary building for shop and supervision, office, staff, changing room, store, cleaner's room, independent disabled, men's and ladies's toilets and a toilet for night-time use. All of them housed on a single floor measuring 170 m2, joined to the refuelling area by a canopy.
  • Canopy to protect users of the filling area, covering a total of 588 m2.
  • Surfacing of areas used by vehicles and pavements for pedestrians.
  • Garden features.
  • Separate foul water and rainwater drainage networks.
  • Compressed air and water service point for vehicles.
  • Mechanical installations.
  • Fire protection services.
  • Electrical installations.
  • A multifunctional building intended pirmarily for food service use, consisting of a ground, first and second floor, each with an area of 1,152 m2, and two floors below ground each with an area of 1,922 m2, comprising a total built area of 7,300 m2.
  • Car park with a capacity of 0.6 spaces per 100 m2 of built area, not including the area occupied by the canopy.
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