Torresolo Urban Development Phase II
Work Management:
Execution period:
Torresolo Board
1,122,750 €
February 2016 -July 2016
Leioa, (Biscay)


The work consists in the URBANISATION of a set of 4 plots with all the services for their future building in the municipality of Leioa.

To do this, three roads have been built: Roads 1, 2 and 4. The first two with two directions and finished in asphalt and the third with a single direction and finished in printed concrete.

ROAD 1 with a new route joins the existing roundabout in the Ondiz neighbourhood with the new roundabout along Calle Independentzia.

Road 2: This existing road has been reformed and widened. Part of the road has been left with single direction movement (Road 4) and a finish of printed concrete and the rest has been widening and improving its route, sidewalks, etc.

Most relevant details of the work:

  • Excavation and Transportation to landfill: 5,549.65 m3
  • Earthwork: 4,947.9 m3
  • Concreting Roads: 3,893.79 m2
  • Sanitation and rainwater pipes: 1,581.4 m
  • Asphalt: 1,470 t
  • Printed Concrete: 2,732 m2

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