Town planning works on the surroundings of la Cantera square
Project management:
Execution period:
Bilbao City Council
1,176,000  €
I. Muguerza (Surbisa), Jesús A. Urriolabeitia and Gorka Olalde (Architects)
september 2005 - june 2006
Bilbao, Vizcaya


The work consisted of full town planning works on La Cantera Square in Bilbao, and modification of the staircase which gives access to the upper level of same.

The work included executing all the buried networks of installations; resurfacing of roads and laying of new flagstones in pedestrian areas; the new paved surface, which combines marble with sandstone, slate and concrete tiling; the urban furniture, and the public lighting.

The plans also included demolishing the existing flight of steps which gave access to Concepción Street, the difference in height between the bottom and the top being 12 metres, and executing a new one along a different route. The carved stone archway was thus left free-standing, and once restores, became an ornamental feature of the square.

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