Artxanda Tunnel
Project management:
Execution period:
Túneles de Artxanda, concessionaire of the Bizkaia Provincial Council
73,715,000 €  
Miguel Ángel Herrera
June 1999 - August 2002
Bilbao, (Vizcaya)


The Artxanda tunnels are a varied road system with three routes forming a triangle. Two of them, La Salve-Txorierri and Ugasko-Txorierri (toll fee) join the centre of Bilbao to Dual carriageway BI-637 (Txorierri corridor) speeding up
access to the airport of Bilbao and the municipal  districts
on the right hand bank of the Nervión River. The third, Ugasko-La Salve, is a by-pass to the city of Bilbao between the quarters of Begoña and Deusto.

- La Salve-Txorierri route. From La Salve bridge to Txorierri corridor, with an approximate length of 2,100 m. in this corridor, a tunnel was built under mount Artxanda, with three lanes and 1,270 m. long, and the connections to  La Salve and Txorierri.
- Ugasko-Txorierri route. From Deusto Bridge to Txorierri corridor with a tunnel under mount Artxanda two-lane and 1,073 m long and the connections to Ugasko and the Ugasko-La Salve tunnel and two complementary branches
in the Txorierri connection.

- Ugasko-La Salve route. Joining Pío X Square, beside Deusto Bridge to the connection for the N-625 in the proximity of Ciudad Jardín. With a length of 1,500 m, it includes the construction of a two-lane tunnel, 1,073 m long. In the Txorierri connection, the toll area and control building were built.
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