Upgrading of sludge treatment plant Venta Alta sewage works
Project management:
Execution period:
Bilbao Bizkaia Waters Consortium (CABB)
1,355,437  €
Consorcio de Aguas Bilbao Bizkaia
January 2008 - October 2009
Arrigorriaga, Vizcaya


Construcciones y Promociones Balzola, in a joint venture with Hidroambiente, performed the design and construction for the upgrading of the VENTA ALTA SEWAGE WORKS treatment plant.

The work performed included:

  • Replacing one filter-press and servicing and introducing functional improvements to the other.
  • Demolishing part of the roof and the central line of pillars of the upper floor of the drying building, since it was not possible to extract the materials sideways via the access doors to the building in order to disassemble the old filter and fit a new one.
  • Fitting a new, opening roof to the drying building. This is made up of a telescopic roof 16 m. long and with a span of 13 m., side-opening with porticos in the form of a vault, parallel to one another. The roofs are finished in cellular polycarbonate to provide maximum protection against UV rays.
  • Extending the basement floor of the drying building by 27 m2. In order to take a new dehydrated sludge extraction line.
  • Constructing a new dehydrated sludge extraction gallery with a larger cross section, built against the existing gallery.
  • New system for extracting the dehydrated sludge. Introducing a new system of dual-line conveyor belts.
  • Constructing a new thickener and a new mixing chamber with a buffer tank with features similar to the existing one.
  • New hoppers for collecting the sludge cakes.
  • Introduction of the auxiliary equipment necessary for the functioning of both the new filter configuration and the new thickened sludge and dehydrated sludge lines Pump for pumping sludge to thickener, pump for pumping thickened sludge to mixing chamber, pump for pumping doses of polyelectrolyte to the new mixing chamber, pumps for impelling stabilized sludge to the filter press, stirrer in new mixing chamber bridge crane.
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