Urban development of Plaza de Indautxu and Attached Project
Project management:
Execution period:
Bilbao City Council
5,000,000 €
IDOM - Architect: Ander Marquet Ryan
August 2005 - July 2006
Bilbao, (Vizcaya)


The work consisted of the construction of a new square after demolishing the previous one with all of its elements.

In the new project basically all of the steps between the different levels disappear providing a space with slopes up to the streets around the square from a central circle, defined by a glass canopy.

It is all paved with night blue granite for the central circle and crystal white for the rest.

All around the central circle is a series of different types of trees set out concentrically and the size of which decreases as they move away from the centre. The trees are accompanied by different types of streetlamps, which becomes one of the peculiar features of this square.

Finally, at the edge of the space are small glass boxes which cover the accesses to the city and the underground parking.

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