Urban development of the area around the Alhóndiga Culture and Leisure Centre
Project management:
Execution period:
Bilbao City Council
2,830,052  €
Alfredo Gastiasoro (Bilbao Council Arch.) and Javier Barriocanal (Bilbao Council Tech.)
November 2009 - May 2010
Bilbao, (Vizcaya)


The work consisted of the urban development of the 4 streets around the Alhóndiga building in the centre of Bilbao and the remodelling of the Plaza Arriquibar as the main access area to this building.

The urban development works for the streets forming the perimeter of the Alhóndiga included the modification of most of the existing subterranean installations (gas, drinking water, electricity, street lighting, etc.), the widening of the sidewalks in the case of calle Alameda de Recalde and calle Iparraguirre, the making calle Fernández del Campo a pedestrian street and renovating the fittings and finishing of calle Alameda de Urquijo.

Three types of finishing were used in these streets depending on their use and location:
Agglomerate tarmac for the road traffic streets.
Stamped cements with concrete base for pavements opposite the Alhóndiga.

Cement finished with micro-cement or two-colour drawings for the pavements close to the Alhóndiga.
The Plaza Arriquibar was integrally refurbished, raising it all by about 2 meters on average to turn it into a kind of access ramp to the Alhóndiga.

This work included the filling and the preparation of walls, slabs and concrete beams as civil works to achieve the new level of the project and as finishing it included the landscaping with the planting of new trees and large areas of bamboo, and in the interior marble mosaics and with perimeter with stamped cement.

Railings and lighting were also installed and the existing fountain was restored and relocated in the same square.
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