Building for the new Naturgas Energía headquarters in Bilbao
Project management:
Execution period:
Naturgas Energia Grupo S.A.
2,990,000 €
IMB Arquitectos
March 2011 - october 2012
Bilbao, (Vizcaya)


Refurbishment of the old Vizcaya pharmaceutical centre to turn it into the new headquarters of the Naturgas Energía Group conserves the façade of the 7-storey building including the tower of the bevelled corner, performed on the entire structure of the building including the foundations with micropiles and the two basement garages.


The structure was executed with concrete up to the ground floor and metallic structure from the first floor to the roof.

There is a central patio which is made with a buttoned curtain wall and a glass interior façade, with the building’s original façade acting as an outer skin. By proper management of both the central patio and the ventilated chamber between the two skins of the façade, there is a notable improvement in energy efficiency and environmental comfort in the building’s working areas.


It is an intelligent building which automatically controls the installations which are regulated according to the requirements at each time.

As a singular feature, it also has a geothermic installation which reduced the energy consumption in the air-conditioning system; there is also an installation for recycling grey water using rain water.





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