Colegio Askartza school Phase 1 and Phase 2
Project management:
Execution period:
Misioneros Claretianos de Euskal Herria (Basque Claretian Missionaries)
Phase 1:  360,976.00 € - Phase 2:  2,107,334.08 € 
Architect: Rafael Canales Urizar - Quantity Surveyor: Juan Eiguren
Phase 1: June 2011 - November 2011 - Phase 2: November 2011 - June 2012 
Leioa, (Vizcaya)


Main actions of this project:
Renovation of the drainage and rainwater networks:
This phase included the networks and manholes of the ground floor and their vertical drainpipes as well as the pipes from the canteen to the residence.
New Canteen:

The new canteens of the residence are developed between the residence’s Borders building and the current school canteens sharing the kitchen of the school but not the storage and washing area which is different to the one for school use. The total size of this area is 352.01 m2. The lighting was done using a central skylight. Bathrooms were also installed as well as a washing area, storage and some toilets.

The borders’ residence is divided into two sectors.
Private area for the Claretian community.
This area is on the third floor of the building. The rooms maintain their basic design (12 units). One of the bedrooms is adapted to reduced mobility and is separated from the rest and with independent access for greater independence and privacy. The west wing is for mixed use with twelve rooms for visitors to the congregation and relatives.
Seasonal groups residential area.
Made up of two complete floors and half of the third floor with a total of 71 rooms, all en-suite. There are three double rooms for reduced mobility. Four rooms area doubles for long stays, and the rest can have two beds according to the demand and the duration of the stay.
- Common services areas. They share the general school kitchen and the restaurant room with a maximum capacity for 120 people and service area. It meets the requirements for the touristic accommodation activities.
The canteen is the connection between the school canteen building and the borders residence. In the area there is a communication corridor for the community.
- Meetings area. There is a multipurpose room which can be used for punctual uses or activities related to the residence (talks, meetings, celebrations, etc.).

Accommodation area (Approximate area of 2400 m2) distributed into:

First floor
- 31 en-suite rooms (from 18.36 m2 to 25.82 m2 /room)
- Services (office, toilet, etc. )

Second floor
- 28 en-suite rooms (from 18.36 m2 to 25.82 m2 /room)
- Services (chapel, waiting room, office, toilet, etc. )

Third floor
-12 rooms for the Community (18.36 m2/room)
-12 mixed use rooms (Congregation and relatives)
- Services (chapel, waiting room, office, toilet, etc. )
-Ground floor (Approximate area 750 m2)
-Meeting rooms
-Canteen 180 m2
- Meeting rooms from 24 m2 to 86m2
- Bar-buffet
-Public toilets
-Exhibition area
-Community laundry room
-Community storeroom

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