Construction and operation of residents´car park in Garai gardens Txurdinaga
Project management:
Execution period:
Bilbao City Council
3.390.474  €  
DAIR Ingeniería
July 2005 - March 2007
Bilbao,  (Vizcaya)


This is a car park built beneath a plot of public land planted as a garden.

The car park has four basement floors with a practically rectangular floor plan measuring 55.30 x 29.6 metres; these in turn are divided into half-floors with a height difference of 1.35 metres between them. By dividing the floors we were able to make optimum use of the usable space and thus design shorter ramps.

The car park consists of 258 parking spaces, 8 of which are reserved for disabled users. Access is via a single biderectional ramp. The car park is served by a lift which operates between floor-4 and street level.

By way of services, the car park has toilets on floor-1, along with a security guard's room.

This car park was excavated out of bedrock, which was retained in place by anchored bolts 5 to 7 metres long and sprayed concrete. The finishes consists of skimmed and painted ceramic partitioning and polished concrete floors, except for "wet" rooms (with plumbing), whose finish is ceramic.

Above the car park we executed town planning works; the garden occupies most of this area, and we planted trees. We also laid a concrete path imprinted with a decorative design, which gives access to the two adjacent avenues.


  • 18,926 m3 of excavation in bedrock.
  • 3,192.50 m2 of 8 cm. thick sprayed concrete and 1,332 linear metres of 25 mm. diameter bolts.
  • 3,890 m3 of concrete.
  • 5,768 m2 of plastic paint of various colours.
  • 3,141 m2 of brickwork.
  • 4,255 m2 of cement-based mortal rendering.
  • 921 m2 of hydraulic tiles.
  • 4,534 m2 of polished concrete floors.
  • 362 x waterproof strip lights.
  • 154 x emergency light fittings.
  • 1,432 m2 of sheet metal ventilation ducting.
  • 257 x ion smoke detectors as part of the fire protection system.
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