Extension of the Spa Hotel Isla Mallorca


Project Management:
Design and Decoration:
Execution period:



Hotel Casita Blanca
416,354.69 €  
Arq.: Rafael Rigo Tech.Arq.:Antonio Ángel Segura
Higinio Piza
November 2013 - February 2014
Palma de Mallorca, (Mallorca)


The work consists of the construction of raised reinforced concrete outdoor swimming pool next the existing building of the hotel so that the floor of the swimming pool is the roof of the basement extension housing the spa, increasing the area of the spa by 115 m2.
In the interior refurbishment different elements of the relaxation circuit were done, like the Jacuzzi, cold water pool, ice bowl, foot bath, decorative elements, waterfalls, etc.
Outside the terrace was extended to the access to the swimming pool and the floors and landscaping of the Hotel development.

Phases of the work:

1. Preliminary works.

Site installations, vehicle access opening, fencing and provisional partition of the spa into works area and area of use.

2. Demolitions.
Demolition panelling and walls, lifting floors, carpentry…

3. Excavation.
Lowering the land to the foundations and opening foundation ditches

4. Foundations and plumbing:
Execution of permanent reinforced concrete footings and beams, the plumbing and other underground installations, and laying the concrete slab.

5. Structure:
Construction of trapezoidal walls, reinforced concrete open finishing for the support of the swimming pool, swimming pool structure with reinforced concrete slab and walls, and extending the existing waffle slab for the terrace and swimming pool.

6. Elements of the spa relaxation circuit

Construction of elements of the relaxation circuit like the Jacuzzi, cold water pool, ice bowl, foot bath, etc... all fitted, with different brickwork, concrete, waterproofing material.. As well as the mechanical and electrical installations necessary for said elements.

7. Installations, carpentry, decoration, covering and finishing.
Electricity, lighting, plumbing, air-conditioning and heating systems.

Fittings and windows like railings, steel garden pots and aluminium curtain walls.
Decorative elements like backlit ceilings, methacrylate borders, waterfalls, walls, etc.
Brickwork with panels and ceramic tops, covering, false ceilings, swimming pool coating with gresite tiles, remodelling of the hotel development and landscaped areas.

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