Hotel Palladium Palace Ibiza
Works Management:
  Execution period:
Fiesta Hotels & Resorts
€ 3,488,994.59
December 2014 - April 2015
Ibiza (Balearic Islands)


This Execution Project establishes actions in different areas outside of the hotel in order to modernize the areas used by the customers and service. These areas are divided into the following names:

  • Beach club: complete action to expand and modernize: demolition (without structure), enlargement of the building through micropiles and concrete structure and performance of completely new construction (civil works, facilities and decoration).
  • Theatre: completely demolishing the old artistic area where there was a circus tent and establishing a theatre with stage and stalls where we built an events bar.
  • Walkway: The owner of the hotel Palladium is also lessee and operator of the Hotel Club Palm Beach which is next door linked by a public road. The Palladium Hotel is a 5-star category, while the Hotel Club Palm Beach has a category of 3 stars.
  • Osmotized water deposit 800 m3: due to the needs of the hotel itself an underground osmotized water cistern was built for a capacity of 800 m3. This is done using a concrete structure and internally insulated to make it completely watertight given that this is water for consumption.
  • Car Park and multi-purpose track:  tennis courts are limited and in its place a multipurpose track is built and a parking lot.

Various actions were also performed in Bar Kids, staff dressing and during the work we were asked to do repairs and a facelift of all the rooms of the Hotel, 367 standard and 64 suites.

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