Judicial Centre of Antofagasta
Works Management:
Execution period:
Judiciary Administrative Corporation
INTEXA-Technical Site Inspection
May 2015 - April 2017
San Martín, Antofagasta (Chile)


The project consists in the Design of the building of the Civil, Family and Labour Courts of Antofagasta, with the corresponding external works and green areas. The construction is done in a single stage. The building will have a base floor, an underground floor and 8 more stories plus a roof terrace.

The building sits on a triangular ground of 2,429.45 m2, located at the intersection of the streets San Martín and Teniente Ernesto Riquelme, in the old urban area of the city of Antofagasta (declared Typical Area). The context is strongly characterized by the proximity to the Plaza de Armas square (Plaza Colón) in the city, and the front clear of buildings due to the presence of the former railway station Antofagasta La Paz, now decommissioned, and preserved as heritage site.

As it is a public building, related to the republican institutions, it seeks a sober expression, avoiding too many elements of different types, forms or materials which could saturate the total composition. The aim is to work on lasting architecture over time, but containing technical contemporary innovations oriented primarily to generating sustainable buildings, friendly with the environment and with a high standard of comfort and habitability.

The predominant structure of the building is based on a system of pillars of reinforced concrete and slabs and post-stressed slabs (without capitals). This system can eliminate or massively decrease the existence of beams, which facilitates the integration of the various facilities that are required.

The main enclosures of the building are mainly in glass, in order to keep the overall transparency of the spaces.

Finally, the facade elements must be of a material that ensures durability and resistance to the humid salty environment of the coast, the strong solar radiation and abrasion by the wind and dust of the area.

On request from the client, the building must be Leed certified, GOLD category. Therefore, the project envisages various items designed to achieve the necessary points for this objective, including:

- Getting the maximum efficiency from the natural lighting

- Incorporating energy efficiency elements in air conditioning and lighting

- Incorporating water savings and reuse technologies

- Incorporating bicycles parking and alternative means of transport

- Incorporating recycling enclosures

- Incorporating materials with certification of sustainable qualities.

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