Mission Hospital San Juan de la Costa
Works Management:
Execution period:
Osorno Health Service
€ 9,697,825.79
Sebastián Muñoz, Osorno Health Service
December 2015 - June 2017
Osorno, (Chile)


This project includes the construction of the hospital for the Hospital Mission San Juan De La Costa, belonging to the Osorno Health Service, built in the town of Mission San Juan de la Costa. This is an intercultural hospital that combines the application of Mapuche traditional medicine and modern medicine.

The main hospital building consists of three bodies (A-B-C) arranged in V shape. Buildings A and C correspond with the wings of the V and are made up of underground and first floor. Both buildings are connected by an underground tunnel which goes around building B which is apex of the V. Body B has a first floor and second floor. In addition to the hospital building two homes were built for doctors and hospital workers. These houses have an underground floor and first floor.

The plot with the hospital and houses was urbanised, including a public transport bus stop and parking for both cars and for buses. The building has mostly divisions between spaces carried out through concrete wall, just like the walls of the facade, which are finally covered with a ventilated Trespa facade.

The roof consists of a metal base structure and straps supporting plywood boards which hold the PVC sheets which cover the roof.

  • Plot area: 50,000 m2
  • Built Area:
  • 2,822 m3 of concrete structure
  • 96,241 kg metal structure
  • $1,718,877,492 (€ 2,262,680.91) in Facilities

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