Reform and enlargement of the County council Library of Bizkaia
Project management:
Execution period:
Bizkaia Provincial Council (DFB)
20,911,055 €  
Rafael Purroy and Eduardo Aranguren (DFB)
October 2003 - August 2007
Bilbao, (Vizcaya)


Located in the centre of Bilbao, the new County Council library of Bizkaia comprises two important actions:

1. Reform of the current building
In this action, limited to the existing 3,700 m2. highlighting the following elements:
-New distribution and restructuring of existing spaces with an important modernisation of the installations, all being focused on the comfort of the final user.
-Restoration of the existing facade.
-Restoration of the staircase and important structural elements of historical value.

2. Enlargement of the building
This action is limited to the 6,300 m2. of area, highlighting    the following points:
-Constructing the building housing the books. Building on six
stories, with a curtain façade of silk-screen printed glass
holding the library’s entire collection of books. For this purpose more than 9,000 metres of shelving was installed as well as a climatisation Installation able to maintain the most demanding requirements of temperature and humidity for preservation of the collection.
-Construction of the administration building. A building on four storeys, centralising all the administration services for the future library. Its façade is made of stone quartzite of large format (1.5 x 0.5) in a natural finish and by slats of glass motorised for controlling exposure to the sun.
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