Refurbishment of the Hotel Barceló Nervión
Project management:
Execution period:
Atucha, S.A.
6,863,767.83 €
Garmendia Architects
October 2012 - April 2013
Bilbao, (Vizcaya)


This project includes the Execution Project for a refurbishment focusing on the existing rooms in order to modernise its image and improve its characteristics, allowing it to obtain a higher category. The actions does not change the current use, mainly carrying out the work in the floors for the rooms and at time the ground floor, garages and the main floor, also including the inclusion of a new stairwell to improve the evacuation and other punctual actions.

In general it aims for the overall modernisation of the hotel and the integral refurbishment of the rooms on floors 1 to 7, except for the suites, in order to allow the hotel to obtain a 4 star rating.

It includes the complete refurbishment of the floors of rooms as regards their layout and materials.

Civil works:

- Dismantling and removal of furnishing and carpentry.

- Demolitions of screeds, partitions and installations with a total surface area of 9,000 m2.

- Preparation of screeds.

- Reinforcing structures and metal evacuation staircase.

- New layout of the partitions with plasterboard and mineral wools, ceilings with sound absorbing mineral fibres and plasterboard.

- Covering of vertical walls with washable wallpaper and plastic paint.

- Floor covering with oak-colour PVC panelling, carpet and marble.

- Restoration of the facade and change of the external carpentry.

- Dismantling of the roof including removing the asbestos and execution of a new roof with pedestrian access.


- Reformation of the plumbing in all of the rooms from floor 1 to floor 7 including the ACS installation.

- Sewage installations in all of the rooms incorporating a faecal and rainwater pump to increase the discharge level to the municipal network.

- A new heat pump is incorporated to the air-conditioning installation, which together with the two existing pumps will produce the heat and cold for the air-conditioning installation of the Ground and Main Floors, as well as the fancoils of the VIP rooms. External and internal VRV units will be installed in all of the rooms, including a heater for the primary air.

- Complete electricity and telecommunications installation from the 1st floor to the 7th floor of rooms and connection with the existing installation on the Ground Floor.

- Installation Fire Detection and Extinction System in the floors 1 to 7 for bedrooms.

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