Scientific refurbishment of façades and strengthening of the structure of Bilbao´s corn exchange
Facultative direction:
Period of execution:
Bilbao City Council
5,848,517  €  
Rafael Gómez Vives
October 2003 - December 2004
Bilbao,  (Vizcaya)


Bilbao's Municipal Corn Exchange building, a listed cultural site in the Monuments category, was built between 1906 and 1909 to a design by Ricardo Bastida, and is situated in the city's suburban area. Modernist in style, it was built of bricks and reinforced concrete. The design of the façades and their style in relation to the rest of the city are what clinched the building's being listed as a cultural site.

The run-down state of the building, which had last been used in the 1970's, and the modifications which the building's divers architectural features had undergone, made it necessary to refurbish the building with the following aims:

  • To restore the façades, recovering the original holes.
  • To restore the original joinery features, the bars, the decorations and any element of interes, or replacing them with elements of new design that would make it possible to recover the values of the façade's composition.
  • To remove degrading additions and any type of work that was devoid of interest or that contrasted negatively with the original structural features.
  • To establish the elements needed to protect the building from harmful atmospheric agents.
  • to implement technical improvements in the joinery of the holes in the façade and of the access doors.
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