Torre Iberdrola finish, offices and underground parking
Project management:
Execution period:
Torre Iberdrola A.I.E. and P.V. Nueva Promotora 2005 S.A.
11,300,000 €
Idom Ingeniería y Consultoría S.A.
July 2009 - April 2011
Bilbao, (Vizcaya)


The object of the works is the execution of the interior finish of the offices building and underground parking of the Torre Iberdrola tower in Bilbao.

This is a triangular prism-shaped tower with slightly tapering curving faces towards the sky suggesting a large glass obelisk.

The building has 40 floors above ground level: a ground floor with a large central lobby and three access halls, the 1st floor with a restaurant, 34 floors of offices for rent and 4 technical floors including the roof space.
It has a total of  50,000 m2. useable square metres with a maximum height of 165 m.

The underground area has 32,117 m2. over 5 floor with parking spaces for 698 vehicles.
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