5th Tank and BOG Facilities at Fluxys Terminal in Zeebrugge
Works Management:
Execution period:
€ 208,597,050
April 2015 - November 2018
Under execution
Zeebrugge, (Belgium)


The project consists in the performance of a semi-underground LNG storage tank of 180,000 m3 capacity and the expansion of the plant with the installation of 4 new compressors and a new electrical substation.

The tank is buried to a depth of approximately 23 m with regard to the level of the existing land, for the purpose of which a screen wall is executed on the site 102 m in diameter and 37 m deep, and then the excavation of about 200,000 m3 of material to reach the level of the tank.

The tank is a cylindrical reinforced concrete deposit using Slab 97.70 m in diameter and a thickness of 1.20 m in the perimeter and 0.80 m in its central part.

Post-stressed concrete elevations 93.50 m inside diameter with a thickness of 0.80 m and height of 33.725 m.

Reinforced concrete spherical dome with a radius of 93.498 m and a thickness of 0.45 m.

Main amounts:

  • Passive Armour: 4,300 Ton.
  • Active Armour: 600 Ton
  • Concrete: 20,000 m3
  • Climbing formwork: 20,000 m2

One of the main characteristics of this tank is the use of cryogenic materials (armour and concrete) due to the temperature of the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) that the tank contains.

At the same time the work was done to extend the existing plant, which consisted in the execution of 4 new compressors, a new electrical substation and the expansion of the racks of pipes for the connection of these new elements with those existing in the plant.

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