Bizkaia compact steel mill ACB Phase 1 and Phase 2
Project management:
Execution period:
Técnicas Reunidas / ACB
31,790,800 €   
Técnicas Reunidas / IDOM
June 1995 - January 1997 / January 1999 - September 2003   
Sestao, (Vizcaya)


The steel mill was built in 2 phases. In the first phase the plant was built and in the second it was enlarged.

First phase: Plant construction
• Water treatment plant.
• Scale pit No. 1 and No. 2.
• Rack for aerial pipes.
• ERM.
• Building for controlling additives.
• Urbanization of the plant (paving, roads, lighting and external enclosure) and buried conduit systems (sewage, rainwater, fire-fighting, electrical, drinking water and industrial water).

Second phase: Enlargement of the steel mill
• General office building.
• Second phase of continuous casting.
• Second route for the refining furnaces.
• New winder.
• Execution of box No. 7 in lamination.
• Spare part storage building.
• Building with the workshop for repairing ladles.
• Reel storage building.
• Construction works for enlarging the furnaces.
• Stripping building.
• Enlargement of the water treatment plant.
• New access road to reel warehouse.
• Urbanization and access to the plant. Kress roads.
As a complement to phase two, installation maintenance actions were carried out. We can highlight the maintenance of the furnace platform, screens of the continuous casting, transformer rooms, casting pulpits, furnaces and laminators and improvements in the dressing room. All work was carried out with the plant in operation.
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