Combined Cycle Plant in Mittelsbüren
Project management:
Execution period:
Cobra – General Electric
20,400,000 €
Cobra Industrial Plants
november 2012- september 2015
Bremen, (Germany)


The plant is being built near the current power station which is in operation.

The combined cycle plant will have capacity for 445.50 MW.

Both the reinforced concrete structure and the interior architecture are being performed and the piping for the underground systems. The contracted work includes the performance of the entire final urban development.

Performed buildings and elements:

- Electricity building

- Gas compressors building

- Circulating water piping

- Water treatment plan

- Fire protection building

- Flood drainage systems

- Foundations for the condensed tank

- Structure for the racks

- Refrigerate water pumping building

- Supply water pumping building

- Air compressors building

- Auxiliary boiler

- Electrical piping

- Drainage and force piping

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