Elisa Offshore Wind Tower Project
Works Management:
Execution period:
€ 799,307.93
ESTEYCO -  Works Manager: Juan Manuel Sánchez
June 2016 - December 2016
Arinaga, (Gran Canary)


The prototype of Off-Shore Wind Tower in the Port of Arinaga (Gran Canary) consisting in the first offshore wind tower with fixed foundations in southern Europe and the first in the world without requiring high load capacity vessels for their installation.

The prototype will support a fully operational 5 MW wind turbine and will be located at a depth of 30 metres. With a rotor diameter of 132 metres, it will become the largest wind turbine in Spain and the first in the whole of southern Europe installed on the seabed.

The prototype is being built in the port of Arinaga, where ESTEYCO has designed and built a dam in the complex land taken from sea in the port, which will allow the construction and subsequent launching of the foundations.

With a diameter of 32 metros and a depth of 7 metres, the foundations will support a telescopic tower with 3 sections which will put the wind turbine to a height of 115 meters on the support level in the seabed.

The sections of the tower is made up of a total of 12 archways of pre-cast concrete, transported to the port and pre-assembled to make up each of the 3 tubular sections of the tower.

The 5 MW wind turbine itself is mounted on the tower folded in the port with conventional cranes, thanks to the lower assembly height allowed by the telescoping. Also pre-assembled in the tower from port are the different components and equipment that the tower must accommodate, in a configuration and design fully compatible with their telescopic configuration and that avoids the need to assemble any team in high seas.

Once the tests have been completed, the prototype will be towed to its final location in the PLOCAN testing area in Las Palmas of Gran Canaria.

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