Extension of the LNG reception, storage and regasification terminal in Zierbena
Project management:
Execution period:
97,000,000 €   
Alvaro Adrián (SENER)
July 2011 - June 2014  
Zierbena, (Vizcaya)


Execution of a LNG storage tank, with capacity of 150,000 m3., with the following main characteristics:

- 78.60 m. diameter concrete slab and edge between 0.50 and 1.20 m.
- Cryogenic concrete circular wall with an internal diameter of 75 m., 0.80 m. thick and 43 m. high, horizontally and transversally post-tensioned.
- Assembly of the dome on the floor to be subsequently lifted (41 m vertical lift), reinforced and concreted.
- 1 m thick Insulation between the external concrete tank and the internal steel tank with 9% Ni.
-Internal tank with a diameter of 73 m and a height of 39 m., built with steel ferrules (9% Ni) with a thickness of 10 and 24 mm.
- Carbon steel structure over the dome to support piping, pumps, cranes, etc.
- Extension of the secondary pumping system consisting of the execution of 2 units.
- Extension of the spillages collection system, consisting in the construction of a spillage pool and the extension of the existing collection canal.
- Construction of an electricity substation.
- Extension of the compressors system.


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