Hydrocarbon storage plant in Burgos
Project management:
Execution period:
CLH (Hydrocarbons Logistic Company)
6,200,000 €
August 2009 - March 2011
Burgos (Barrio Cortes)


The work comprised the following construction:

-Retention ponds.
-Foundations, pumps and paving.
-Drainage networks.
-Electrical channelling.
-Truck loading area in prefabricated “RACK” structures.
-Treatment reservoir.
-Addictive slabs.
-Control buildings: DCI, electrical
-Exterior urbanisation.

The work consists in the construction of a logistics centre for CLH hydrocarbons, to store hydrocarbons received from the oil pipeline, to proceed with its distribution by land transport.

There is a network of buried separating networks, separating the rainwater network and that of water hydrocarburated, as well as the connection of the treatment reservoir to the collector.

Construction of foundations and flooring for the pumping and filter station for distributing the different hydrocarbons in the internal structure of the plant. For these actions two large walls have been built, which were not initially planned,  thus redefining the location of the pumping station.

Different important paving was carried out, such as the slab of additives, additives in line and two bleeding systems that were in the initial project, URV and filters. All the structures were also made, loading area and Rack carrying out the foundations isolated and dwarf columns for installing the metal structures to hold the pipes on them, including the different porticos and painting the last coat of the treatment necessary for correct maintenance of the installations.

Construction of the foundations of the buildings where the control building and the DCI building prefabricated structure was assembled, both buildings weremade with mixed structures (load bearing structure in-prefabricated concrete and roof structure in metal to finish with a happed roof).

Construction of the buildings completely finished, including all the installations, rendering, interior and exterior carpentry, cooling circuit for the blocks of equipment and instrumentation, false ceilings and painting.
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