La Florida Thermo-solar plant
Project management:
Execution period:
UTE Samcasol 1 (TSK-Maessa)
10,500,000 €
July 2009 - January 2011
Alvarado, (Badajoz)


The buildings and elements corresponding to the construction phase of the power island of La Florida thermo-solar plant have been built, in Alvarado, (Badajoz).

Elements built:
-Salt tower.
-LPG plant.
-Basin wall.
-Turbine building.
-Electrical building.
-HTF building.
-PTA building.
-PCI building.
-Warehouse and office building.
-Effluent pool.
-Pipe rack.
-Foundations for the oil pipe supports.
-Cooling pool.
-Foundations for the salt tanks.
-Foundations for the oil boilers.
-Foundations for the steam exchangers.
-Pool for the main oil tanks.
-General urbanization of the Plant and buried systems.

The foundations of the different buildings, slabs and beds for supporting mechanisms and structures were made of reinforced concrete.
The salt towers measuring 5 x 3 x 15 m. high in reinforced concrete were made in climbing formwork.
In the 2 salt tanks of 39 m. diameter, foundations consisted of two refractory concrete rings.
For the pipe racks, piles 7 metres long and 1 metre in diameter were installed, on which the reinforced concrete foundation was laid. For fitting the metal structure to secure the pipes.

General urbanisation of the plant includes roads and paving as well as buried lighting systems, sewers, rainwater drains, etc.

In addition, the main channels of the plant were made: Electricity, oily water, drinking water, gas and dumping line.

The interior finish of the buildings was also made by Balzola.
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