Lichterfelde combined cycle power station
Project management:
Execution period:
Iberdrola S.A.
3,193,581.34 €
Iberdrola S.A.
October 2014 - October 2015
Work in progress
Berlín, (Germany


Execution of the buildings for the water-treatment plant, the gas regulation and measurement station in the combined cycle power station, for the end-client VATTENFALL, with the execution option for the rainwater collection tank. The first two buildings consist of:

- Water treatment plant
A 1,000-m2 two-storey building with 30-cm thick concrete walls lined with prefabricated concrete panels for façade cladding and onsite executed frames with variable thicknesses between 35 and 50 cm. Foundation slab with mean thickness of one metre. Reinforced concrete cores for location of stairways and lifts to the floors.
Approximate structure quantities: 450 tonnes of steel and 2,000 m3 of concrete.

- Regulation and measurement station
Diaphanous, concrete structure building, 33.55 x 21.00 metres surface area and 12.95 metres high, consisting of 30-cm thick perimeter walls, with 80 x 80 cm columns embedded in the walls and support brackets for the metal structure supporting the roof and the support beams for a 20-metre span gantry crane.
Prefabricated concrete plate roof, with subsequent waterproofing.
Approximate structure quantities: 250 tonnes of steel and 1,300 m3 of concrete. 60 Tonnes of metal structure.


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