Los Mina Conversion Project
Project management:
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Técnicas Reunidas
AES Gener
July 2015
Santo Domingo, (Dominican Republic )


The Los Mina CC project consists of the complete execution of the civil works for the transformation of the current generation plant into combined cycle plant, and for this purpose will make use of the generation of heat from the two turbines existing in the Energy Park that will lead to a flow of water vapour that will move the new turbine, thereby managing to go from the current 210 MW to 324 MW in the future. This park is owned by the company DPP (Dominican Power Partner) which in turn belongs to the AES Group and is located in the neighbourhood of Los Mina, East Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Among the units to highlight are the following:

- Foundations of the turbine, consisting of a pedestal based on two levels with a significant structural complexity given the precision of the equipment which are arranged on it. Photo 1.

- Bypass-Boiler and Chimney foundations. Consisting of two large foundations with an area exceeding 1,200 m2 and thicknesses between 1 and 2.5 meters that were made in two phases of concrete each of them, performing continuous discharges of approximately 1,000 m3. In this unit we should stress the placement of a set of bolts with a diameter close to 4" and lengths of 2.5 metres. Photo 2 and 3.

- Gantry crane, consists in concreting a bridge crane on the turbine, and for such implementation and based on the available resources and deadlines, the decision had to be taken to prefabricate it "onsite", with this  element consisting of work of great technical complexity to be performed in a very limited space and using very large elements. Photo 4.

- Transformers foundation. Two foundations were done based on special benches with rails and bolts embedded for the subsequent placement of the new transformers of the plant.  These units also require the performance of some firewalls which are 8 meters high. Photo 5.

- Cooling towers foundations, consisting of a large pool as well as the housing for pumps used to move the water through the main circuit of the plant. Photo 6.

- Lesser foundations, smaller foundations were prepared for the wastewater treatment plant, compressors, pumps, etc.

- Underground networks, all buried networks were done for the plant made up of process water, rainwater, ICP, electrical circuits, etc.

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