Regasification plant in Sagunto
Project management:
Execution period:
Cobra-Sener-Oge-Diwidag-Toyo-Kanetsuk (J.V. - Joint Venture)
62,454,000 €
Cobra-Sener (J.V. - Joint Venture)
January 2003 - April 2011


The plant in operation has the following characteristics:
-Storage capacity: 300,000 m3.
-Nominal regasification capacity: 800,000 Nm3./h.
-Installed regassification capacity 950,000 Nm3./h.
-Main equipment:
          -2 tanks of 150,000 m3. each.
          -3 LNG unloading arms.
          -1 steam return.
          -6 primary pumps (3 units /tank).
          -6 secondary pumps.
          -4 Seawater vaporisers.
          -1 submerged combustion vaporiser.
          -Measurement station.
          -Exit gas line.
In 2009, a third tank was put into operation and work for the fourth tank began with a plan to enlarge up to five tanks of LNG.
Construcciones Balzola carried out the construction work of the plant and the tanks. The most important actions were:
-Three LNG storage tanks of 150,000 m3.
-Dock for mooring methane ships.
-Construction work for the regasification plant and its enlargements.
-System of buried conduits for drainage and rainwater, oily water, electricity and instrumentation.
-General urbanization of the plant: roads, lighting and perimeter enclosure.
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