Bilbao Tram Basurto La Casilla branch line
Project management:
Execution period:
Basque Government Public Works Department
6,247,702.47 €
E.T.S. Technician: José María Izquierdo
August 2010 - August 2011
Bilbao, Vizcaya


Construction of 1,400 linear lines of urban track made up of Phoenix R160 rails liked together with screwed metallic struts. All of this armouring is covered by elastic elements and insulation. All of this is wrapped in concrete, asphalting the surface as the track is shared by buses.
Assembly of a double diagonal with the same track system and 2 Lateral Stops.

The Construction project to Extend the Bilbao tram network; Stretch: Basurto-La Casilla has as its objective to construct the track platform and the works associated with the continuation of the tram in the city along a double 700 metre long track.
The works start at the Basurto stop, turns by Avenida Montevideo (towards Zabálburu), continues along calle Autonomía with the first double stop, Autonomia I at number 63 of the street, continuing along the centre of calle Autonomia crossing the Avd. Ferrocarril. In this area is the only project track device, double diagonal-Bretelle, until it reaches the Plaza de la Casilla where there is a lateral stop on the right,  Autonomía 2.
In the future this first ring will close adding to the current line the Autonomia-Abando stretch.
The execution of the tram project includes the following entries:

-The tram platform: track foundation slab, covering and track superstructure.
-Diversion of the services networks.
-Urban planning and paving of areas affected by the works.
-Replacement of the affected urban fittings, lighting and garden areas.
-The stops: platforms, shelters and earthing system.
-Multi-tube conduit and channelling associated with the operating systems: road signposting, tram signposting, communications, remote control, energy, overhead power cable, feeder.
-Civil work associated with the assembly of the overhead cable: foundations, posts and earthing systems.
-Drainage of the platform and the areas affected by the works.
-Provisional traffic detours during the works.

Type of track
The construction of the Bilbao tram rail superstructure has implemented the model: the “urban track” which crosses asphalted streets with buses passing in the longitudinal stretch and vehicles in the street intersections.
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