Construction Project for the new platform of the Basque Country railway network Beasain
Project management:
Execution period:
37,364,075.97 €
Jorge Onaindia / ETS
December 2009 - October 2011
Beasain, (Guipúzcoa)


The construction works of the platform for the new railway network are situated in the province of Gipuzkoa, within the municipal area of Beasain. The stretch, 1.87 km. long, runs from west to east through the northwest of Beasain.
The start of the stretch is at kilometric point 200+000, ending at kilometric point 201+872,291, making a total of 1,872 metres long. It has two viaducts, one 224 metres long and the other 382 metres, as well as three tunnel, 479, 219 and 370 metres long. At the start of the stretch is the support of the first viaduct over the Zabalondo gully, which is 224 metres long. It continues with the Arriarán tunnel, 479 (467) metres long, which connects at its exit with the Itola viaduct, 382 metres long, following by the Itola tunnel, 219 (201) metres long. At the exit of this tunnel there is an embankment stretch, about 80 metres long, which connects with the Loinaz tunnel, 370 (347) metres long. The end of the stretch, at the end of this tunnel, coincides with the support of the bridge over the Usurbe gully, belonging to the East Beasain stretch.

The most significant constructive elements will be the following:

Execution of four structures, two in the main branch (Zabalondo viaduct, 224 metres long with prestressed  board and Itola viaduct, 382 metres long and the same type; both have foundations using both piles and bases). Another two structures will be built in the access roads to the different works areas (bridge over Vega de Itola, in the access road to the west entry kilometric point 201+200, and bridge over the Usurbe gully, in the access road to the east entry kilometric point 201+820, both with prefabricated girder board and foundations using bases).

Execution of three tunnels; the Arriaran tunnel, 479 metres long, the Itola tunnel, 219 metres long and the Loinaz tunnel, 370 metres long. The three tunnels will be excavated by explosives using the new Austrian method (advance and destroy). The volume of excavated earth between the three amounts to 132,729.45 m3.
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