Construction of the platform of the Abadiño-Durango section of the Vitoria-Bilbao-San Sebastián High-Speed railway line
Project management:
Execution period:
56,351,464.69 €
August 2008 - May 2011
Durango, (Vizcaya)


The total length is 3,520 m, of which 872 correspond to the Untxilla (300 m.) and Mañaria (572 m.) viaducts and 1,624 m. to the Eguskiza (664 m.) and Mendigain (960 m.) tunnels. As such only the remaining 1,024 m. pass levelled areas or embankments.
The main earthmoving works considered in the project are the levelling between kilometric points 0+000 and 0+220, with a maximum height in the axis of 9 m.; that situated between kilometric points 0+700 and 0+960, with a maximum height of 11 m., and the filling between kilometric points 0+960 and 1+100, with a maximum height in the axis of 14 m. All of this levelling needed the use of explosives to excavate the rock levels.

As the stretch produces a large surplus in excavation products, it is forecast to build and subsequently renovate three deposits with a total capacity for 827,000 m3.
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