Construction of the underground stretch of the railway line Bilbao-Donostia Sect 1 Iurreta-Durango
Project Management:
Execution period:
Euskal Trenbide Sarea (ETS)
32,528,504 €
E.T.S. (Technician: Antonio López Palenzuela)
December 2004 - November 2008
Durango, Vizcaya


Tunelling works for 1,550 linear metres of Eusko Tren's railway line in the municipality of Durango together with a three-storey car park above the new line, the most important items being as follows:

  • 2,200 linear metres of railway line laid as a temporary diversion.
  • 208,000 m3 of excavation in all kinds of terrain.
  • 37,000 linear metres of micropile construction.
  • 21,500 linear metres of permanent anchoring.
  • 53,000 m3 of concrete.
  • 4,979 tonnes of corrugated steel.
  • 3,263 linear metres of plated track with bi-block sleepers according to the Stedef design.
  • 8 x B1-type diversion assemblies for concrete-plated track.
  • 1 x B1-type scissors crossover assembly for concrete-plated track.
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