Construction of the widening of the Euba-Iurreta section
Project Management:
Execution period:
Euskal Trenbide Sarea (ETS)
15,161,443.57 €  
Antonio López (ETS/RFV)
November 2009 - September 2011
Between Euba and Durango, Vizcaya


The present project consists of executing the works necessary for widening the Bilbao-Donostia line of Basque train operator Eusko Tren on the stretch between Euba and Iurreta (Bizkaia).

The project has a dual aim: on the one hand, all the existing level crossing on the section in question are eliminated; and on the other hand, the track is widened along the whole project route, whose total length is 4,249.818 metres.

The widened route follows the existing route for the greater part of the section. Most of the route is in the open (above ground). Only in one of the zones being executed as alternative routes, namely the Torrebaso zone, are we executing a tunnel excavated out of the rock, both preceded and followed by a stretch of false tunnel. the route is marked by a series of stream crossings, and also level crossings of lanes leading to nearby farms, along with two flyovers above the track- which fulfil one of the above-mentioned aims, namely the elimination of level crossings. In addition, all along the route we are building Evergree-type walls from blasted rock, and concrete walls.

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