Extension and renovation of Orejo station tracks


Work Management:
Execution Period:
€ 1.282.443,93
FEVE (Vicente García Quintal)
July 2008 - October 2009
Orejo, Cantabria


The works consisted in the complete renovation of the track infrastructure. Installing UIC 54 rail in long welded bar, concrete sleeper and siliceous ballast. Given the poor historical conditions of the platform the surface had to be treated and an additional excavation as well as the placement of a buried tube sanitation along the track. The six type A diversions were changed for type B diversions on concrete sleeper and 1/10.5 and 1/8 tangent. The curve was improved of track no. 2 and track no. 3 via was extended in order to provide the station with a length of 400 m to allow goods trains to pass.

The change in the position of the diversions and the extension of the length of the track required a modification in the facilities of Line Contact Area of the catenary both in the Station and in its headers.

Underpinning was required of the platforms in order to allow for the surface treatment.

All the renovation was done while the station was operational during night stoppages and daily restoring the rail traffic. The process of renewal and assembly was done by the method of 18-metre couples.

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