Modernization of the Tram in Kosciuszki
Project management:
Execution period:
Council of Katowice & Tramwaje Slaskie
6,031,851.71 €
Meritum Projekt, Mott Macdonald SP
October 2013 - February 2015
Katowice, Silesia (Poland)


Renovation of the tram line next to the urban development of Kosciuszki street in the old town of the city of Katowice, and the modernisation of the part of the line at a road junction and a stop outside of the town centre, keeping the original route in the stretch through the old town between old buildings.
It is the continuation of the lined renovated in the previous phase, Rynek I.

The road traffic shares the road with the tram and therefore uses tarmac surface in most of the stretch.
The rest of the work which includes the entire width of the street between buildings refers to the renovation of the services and the granite paving for the sidewalks, with the special feature that one of the sidewalks is subject to special regulations as it is part of the old town of the city which is managed by the Polish heritage conservation company.
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